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"China & RTW motorcycling are our passions"


These are adventures - for people that want to do something for themselves, prepared to take a few risks and "go see what everyone else in the World is doing today"



Motorcycle EAST EUROPE
Dept: 03 Sept 2017
Rtn UK: 18 Sept 2017

Travel with moto support vehicle
Cost: £1495 bike & rider

Staying in fabulous hotels, motels, lodges, Pools & sauna, spa day.
Includes routes, moto support and guide / fixer.

motorcycle freight into UK - options, logistics for America / foreign riders transporting motorcycles into UK; we can assist with storage & collection services to start the rides from UK or Europe.

* Flexible options to enable World riders to continue exploring more of Eastern Europe & the Balkans. (advice available)

Explore the Silk Road ride your own bike to China

2017 rides: China & Eastern Europe

UK-Europe to China-Thailand expedition: Aug - Sept 2017- 66 days riding east

All nationalities welcome - please get in touch to join the expedition anywhere in Europe

2017 Join a small ride group , join anywhere on-route UK - Europe to China & Thailand :

Ride to Great Wall of China China overland

Motoexplorers will be at the overland Event: 26th to 29th August 2016
The Hill End Centre, Farmoor, Oxford, OX2 9NJ -

Our eclectic moto fleet (& MotoExplorer) will be on display, As well as re-launching our 10 Country - 2 week Explorer tour, in an all-new format - riding from September 2017.

Hope to see you there - stop by and say hello' - I'll have the coffee-stove on + free travel packs, maps, country guides for any expedition reserved at the show. (or before)
Plus choice of £100 early booking discount or - a free HD Xtreme action ride camera - on any expedition reserved at show/ or pre-event.

2017 exciting new overland China adventures, supporting independent riders journey through China.
2017 China route - ride to The Great Wall of China
& 10 Countries - 2 weeks - EAST EUROPE

contact Motoexplorers

Supporting independent moto travellers to explore overland China since 2009

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Motoexplorers off-grid moto-expeditions Kazakhstan & China

Enabling riders more freedom and flexibility to explore
China-Moto movie Off Grid in Tash Rabat China motoexplorer-movie The Torugart Pass

Motoexplorers are unique in the world of long distance motorcycling. We support the true spirit of adventure, co-ordinating flexible ride plans that enable you to motorcycle around the World.
On the Trans-Asia routes, you'll experience an immense diversity of cultures, people, landscapes, challenges, food & riding conditions.

"Your adventure - your pace" - Join on any of the ride stages
. We specialise in exploring East Europe to China + Around the World Alaska-Americas - supporting small ride groups - flexible & free-spirited - well paced - long distance Adventures.

We can assist with many aspects of overland travel including; route advice, visa planning, local contacts for repairs, places to stay, as well as advising on paperwork and permits required for riding motorcycles in China.


From 6th Sept 2017: Torugart Pass, Kyrgyzstan China border

Cost: £5200 bike & rider

supported China stage, with hotels, supporting guide , local fixer , route notes and vehicle in China.
'The excitement and anticipation of setting of on a great overland adventure - if that's why you are reading this site, then you're only a few steps away from being on the greatest overland journey ever. The hardest part is making the decision and structuring your life to enable you to just take a few months out for yourself. Once you start your senses will awaken with the reality of making a physical journey, starting the bike each day and riding forward towards a new place until eventually you find yourself at China!
12,000 miles, options crossing Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, China  
12 Countries - 70 days across the World UK to China Laos & Thailand  
Ride Solo or with a small group, using our flexible ride plans  
Continue RTW ALaska-Miami - stage 2 option  
10 COUNTRIES - 2 WEEKS Sept 2017
Flexible options, riding eastern Europe, 2 weeks (or more!) Sept 2017, vehicle supported.


East Europe motorbike tours

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Yamaha XT660 Motorbike riding China
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Biketrack spot gps moto-tracker  
On-bike tracking including 24/7 Worldwide locator
"We believe you should use the very best tools for the job"

Extra peace of mind provided using Motoexplorers recommended unique on-bike trackers with sos worldwide emergency assistance. Also enables your selected friends & family to track your ride live-online.

Self-Explorer  The true motorcycling way -
 value for money & flexible free spirited motorcycling.

Motoexplorers provide support at all stages of the planning & preparation to enable free-spirited travellers to explore the World at your own pace.
Motorcycle journeys for riders who wish to explore places that few people get to see, whilst benefiting from the security of traveling with a small group of fellow riders. Our routes throughout eastern Europe, Central Asia & across China are all chosen to provide a good balanced adventure which is well within the capabilities of an average rider.

You do not need to be an enduro off-roader to complete the China expedition, participants vary in all age groups and experiences. A balanced approach to travel - is by far the most important ability for riding to China.

We put a flexible ride plan & travel structure in place to assist with all aspects of the paperwork & travel formalities, leaving you free to enjoy the motorcycling. You can travel self sufficiently or in a small group, working with local guides to provide additional support & expertise when needed.

The Trans-Asia ride is mainly road based, with aprox 10% on rougher roads & 10% on unpaved, but usually quite firm ground. Uk to China Moto-Adventures

Route options

Europe, Russia,

or Turkey-Georgia

Laos, Thailand

RIDE TO CHINA- flexible - join anywhere

e.g.; Ride your own pace in Europe , open stages to cross Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, south route crossing Turkey-Caspian-Turkmenistan, to China.
Add in some support for Laos, or return freight from Thailand,
everything is flexible and can be fine tuned to support your trip.

Motorcycling across China is only possible with the back up and support of an approved & experienced guide. Motoexplorer assists with organizing the necessary permits, Chinese drivers licenses, guide & supporting vehicle to cross each Chinese Province. We Specialize in Motorcycling to and across China.

Sharing knowledge, support & resources with fellow riders gives you confidence to truly explore.
Join on any stage of the ride. Our flexible overlanders support enables you to explore at your own pace.
2016-2017 - Riders can share our moto-support and experience for any World stage, from Alaska to China.

Self Sufficient

Part of the pleasure from motorcycling has always been travelling light &  the satisfaction from being self sufficient. We'll assist you with ideas on  kit & back-up, but won't remove the spirit of adventure which comes  from traveling self sufficiently.


Choose when you want to explore alone & when you'd like to ride with others.


We can assist with your preparations which will give you the knowledge & confidence to explore.


Extra support which you wouldn't have if you set off totally alone


Most importantly, we won't water down your opportunities to have an adventure.


Well managed flexible travel budgets - your money goes further


Support guide and vehicle - helps smooth your way across China

We support all MOTORS & MOTOS- OVERLAND TO CHINA - Ride - bike, car, 4x4, truck, overlanders, campers

Certain Countries require different levels of support & back-up. We assist with ride logistics providing a flexible & free spirited approach, which ultimately saves you money.